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Qunfeng brick pallets separator composite palletizer

Qunfeng brick pallets separator composite palletizer

Qunfeng brick pallets separator composite palletizer,concrete pallets separator


qunfeng brick separator composite palletizer for mechanical, hydraulic, electrical control technology-integrated equipment, economy, compact structure, flexible operation simple, easy maintenance features.

This Machine selects advanced foreign PLC (programmable controller) intelligent control, equipped with storage touch screen, ideal, flexible man-machine dialogue interface. Automatic control system contains advanced safety logic circuit to control the interlocking action, a high degree of intelligence.

Qunfeng brick pallets separator

Qunfeng brick separator brick separation brick line equipment

Parameter name Parameter value

The largest unit size 4860mm long × width 2270mm × height 2886mm

Hydraulic system rated working pressure 10MPa

Automatic operation of the form of 90 ° rotation, two-way clamping

Layer stacking cycle 18 ~ 25s

Maximum clamping weight 500 kg

Minimum clamping brick height ≥ 65mm

Largest jaw spacing 1100mm × width 1000mm

Chain conveyor speed 225mm / s

Palletizing host horizontal walking speed 0 ~ 514mm / s

Palletizing host vertical descent speed 0 ~ 375mm / s

Stacking host vertical lifting speed 0 ~ 229mm / s

Stacking host rotation speed 0 ~ 586mm / s

Stacking parameters high ≤ 1000mm, weight ≤ 2000 kg

Stacking host power 15 + 0.75 = 15.75KW

Chain conveyor power 3 × 0.75 = 2.25KW

Machine weight about 4500KG

Qunfeng cement brick separator 

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