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QGM QT6 fly ash brick machine

QGM QT6 fly ash brick machine

Quangong concrete block making machine


QT6-15 fly ash brick machine

Uses Germany Siemens PLC control system and Siemens Touch Screen.The Machinery is equipped with data input and output device. Control system consists of trouble-shooting system and logic control for safety.
Uses high-dynamic proportional and directional valves in hydraulic system, which automatically adjust the oil flow and pressure as per specific working requirements. And it can precisely control the movement of important parts of machinery
Adopt high strength castings,the machinery is manufactured with special material,with the features of high rigidity and vibration resistance and long lifetime
This machine adopts four pole guiding mode to guarantee the accuracy of the movement of mold and tamper head
Machine uses the vibration table to compress the raw material into semi product . Uses 360°multi-shaft rotating and compulsory feeding,which has the advantages of short cycle time,high production capacity,high quality of concrete block and great accuracy in size
The combination of hydraulic system and electric system and mechanical system ,it makes the every production process of machine work consistently. With this advantage, blocks possess great stability and low failure ratio.
The machinery is able to manufacture different specifications of blocks via changing mould (including perforated block,hollow block,solid block,curbstone,solid block with facemix,grass planting brick and slope protection etc concrete products)

Frequency Converter 
Siements PLC & Touch ScreenFrequency controlled vibrationCarburized MouldVibration Device

Five Advantages 
1.Use Frequency Conversional Control Technology
a) Under the frequency conversion control, this Automatic Block Making Machine utilizes the precise guide bearings to ensure the precise and parallel movement between the tamper head and mould.
b) With the frequency controlled vibration, the motors are controlled properly for its instantaneous start and stop. 
c) This product is able to generally save20- 30%power.
d)adopt braking unit with resistor for turning off the machine in order to stop the excess energy consumption,which can solve the problem of inertia when machinery stop working.
e)adjusting the speed of electric motor is workable,and it can Improve product quality(Improve the density)
2. This automatic block making machine utilizes double proportional and directional valves with high activity to regulate the oil flow and pressure automatically, protecting the hydraulic cylinder from being damaged ,which plays a buffer role in the process of production. And this kind of design of machinery can ensure the stable production and prolong the lifetime of machine.
3. Adopt 360°Multi-shaft rotating and compulsory feeding to offer high speed rotating and compulsory feeding and uniform mixing for the materials .With the even feeding performance, this product is suited for diverse raw materials and moulds.
4. Electrical system machinery equipped is Germany Siemens PLC control system, touch screen and electrical components. The control system is of easy operation and low failure ratio. The machinery is equipped with data input and output device and data formula function. it can be used for permanent preservation. And the machinery has the function of timely equipment fault diagnosis and alarm system,fault alarm is self-explanatory,which can be convenient in machine maintenance and trouble shooting. The Control System for safety has logic control with self locking function in order to protect the machinery from damaging because of operational error. It can also solve the problem via telephone,which can realize the remote control and program upgrade.
5. Main machine is adopted special material,which has the advantages of vibration resistance and no deformation.Mold material carburizing treatment,which possesses the advantages of wear and abrasion resistance, and extend the service lifetime more than 50% compared to traditional mould.

Tech Spec

Production per Mould 6pcs/mould (Standard Block:390*190*190mm) Vibrating Force 60kN
Production capacity(8 Working Hours) 8640-11000Piece(390*190*190mm) Total Power 31kw
Max Production capacity(two lines) 22000(390*190*190mm) Pallet Size 850*680mm*(8~35)mm
Cycle Time 15-20s Gross Weight about 7.5T
Machine Dimensions 5210*3530*2780mm  9,500*2,800*2,750mm

Auxiliary Equipment

block making machine


automatic block making machine
    1 3-Bin Batcher2 Mixer for Main Material3 Water and Cement Weighing System (Main
    4 Screw Conveyor for Main Material5 Silo for Main Material6 Belt Conveyor for Main Material
    7 Automatic Block Making Machine8 Control Room9 Piler
    10 Belt Conveyor for Face Material11 Water and Cement Weighing System (Face Material)12 Mixer for Face Material
    13 1-Bin Batcher14 Screw Conveyor for Face Material15 Silo for Face Material


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