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wood brick pallet

wood brick pallet

wood brick pallet



Plywood pallet, Fiberboard wood pallet ,solid wood pallet  with Durable ,Euro,OEM all can be ok .

Product Name: Biggest selling wooden pallet
Material:Plywood, Fiberboard

Style: Single-side

Feature: Anti-rust, Corrosion-protection

Color:Original color ( any color can choose)

Specification(MM):L1200*W800*H150 MM ( Size can be customized)

Package:Simple package. Packed by bubble bag and soft foam.

 wood pallet




The wood pallets are much more commonly used to protect, sotre and transport goods. They could easily pass through buildings, stack, and fit in racks, folklifts, pallet jacks and automated warehouse.



1200*800*150 MM

1150*1150*130 MM

1200*1000*110 MM

1100*1100*110 MM

1200*900*150 MM

1000*1000*130 MM


Easy to move heavy stacks.

Passing doorways, fitting in standard containers.

Protect and transport goods. 

Environmental friendly, strong and good appearance.

The pallets can be exported directly, save your time and cost.

High pressure and crashing resistance.

Various styles and specifications for selection. 

Waterproof, dampproof, environmental-protection.



Minimum Order Quantity: 10 sets

Supply Ability: 5000 pieces per month.

Payment Terms: 30% deposit upon signing the contract, the balance will be cleared by T/T before delivery.

Delivery Terms: upon factory. 

Delivery Time: Within 10-15 workdays upon receipt of the deposit.

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