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QS-1200B simple palletizing system

QS-1200B simple palletizing system

QS-1200B simple palletizing system


QS-1200B simple palletizing system

1, Equipment introduction

The QS-1200B simple palletizing system is suitable for palletizing palletizing pallet which can be combined into a stack. Equipment includes into the board, or board-type, high-level gantry stacking Machine (also supporting low-level push-stacking machine), flap machine, board down machine, a board machine.

  2, the main technical parameters:

  1, the whole area: ~ 12000 * 6000 (mm)

  2, the total weight: ~ 12000KG

  3, the whole power: 23KW

  4, clamping size: According to the size of equipment allocated brick

  5, palletizing cycle: 20-25 seconds / layer

  6, the maximum clamping weight: 500KG

  7, the minimum clamping brick high: ≥ 60mm

  8, the largest gap between the main jaw: 1100 * 1000mm wide

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