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QGM Hollow block machine

QGM Hollow block machine

Quangong concrete Hollow block machine


Hollow block machine

Tech Spec

Forming Area1300x1050mmVibration Table(standard)x7.5kw
Height of Finished Products50-500mmTop Vibration2x1.1kw
Cycle Time12-20s (as per mould)Electrical ControlSiemens
Hopper Volume3.8m3 for aggregate 3.8m3 for facemixPower47.5kw
Pallet Size1400x1100x50mm    1400x1100x14mmTotal Weight18.3t (Without Facemix) 6.9t(With Facemix)

Auxiliary Equipment

concrete brick making machine



Five advantages

Frequency conversional technology & control 
Reduce the motor starting current and soft start function control, prolong the life of the motor. Main vibration adopt low frequency standby, high frequency operation, improve the speed of operation and product quality. Reduce mechanical accessory and motor damage, prolong the life of the motor and mechanical.The frequency conveter saving about 20%-40% power than the traditional conveter. Frequency braking system timely consumption excessive power generated during the operation , make the motor stop smoothly.
Germany Siemens PLC control system, Siemens touchscreen, Germany
Easy operation,low failure ratio, Machine running stability and high reliability.Use the most-advanced industrial internet technology, realize remote trouble-shooting & maintenance. PLC and touchscreen use the PROFINET internet together, convenient for system diagnosis and WEB expansion. Achieve problem diagnosis and alarm system constantly, convenient for machine maintenance and troubleshooting. PLC running data for permanent preservation.
Vibration System
Vibration table consists with dynamic table and static table. When vibration begin,dynamic table vibrate,static table remain static.The structure is designed to ensure the amplitude of the vibration table, so as to ensure the high quality of concrete products. Vibration table using HARDOX steel. Vibration mode: using the vibration table vibration + top mould vibration; vibration motor installation vibration damping device and air cooling device.
Feeding System
Motor use SEW motors, which control two mixing shafts. Feeding frame, bottom plate and mixing blade are made of high-duty HARDOX steel, the location of bottom plate can be adjusted.Feeding system have sealing device to prevent leakage. The door of the discharging gate is controlled by the SEW motor.

Hydraulic Station

Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic valves adopt international brands. Tube uses "Flange Connection" , convenient installation and maintenance. Multi-point pressure detection point, convenient detection. Digital temperature and blockage alarm function. Motor and pump connection, flange connection, good coaxial. Dynamic proportional valve and constant power pump, speed regulation, voltage regulation, energy saving.

concrete block machine

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