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Manual brick press Machine

Manual brick press Machine

YF1-40 Manual brick press Machine


YF1-40 manual interlock clay brick machine is cheap and durable, easy to operate and need  no power or electricity. It is quick in product forming, high in product density and strong in pressing power. After remolding, people can stand on the brick. Consumption of materials can be reduced.

YF1-40 Manual brick press Machine

More Technical Parameters For Your Reference:

Machine TypeYF1-40 Manual Clay Brick Machine
Overall size600*400*800mm
Shaping cycle20-35 seconds
ElectricityNo need power
Total weight200-230kg

Product Capacity Of YF1-40 clay brick machine:

Capacity of  YF1-40 Manual Clay Brick Machine
Block sizePcs/cyclePcs/hourPcs/8hr shift
250x125x70mm190~100  720~800

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