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bricks forklift with clamp

bricks forklift with clamp

bricks forklift with clamp


QS series bricks forklift with clamp

1, Equipment Description:

    QS series forklift clip can hold various types of brick efficiently. It is suitable for palletizing, palletizing and loading in aerated concrete, autoclaved brick, sintered brick, unburned brick and concrete prefabricated parts.

2, the device features:

 1, the use of steel structure of the overall framework, high strength, combined with the flexibility of forklifts, smooth operation, to meet the needs of different user strength operations.

 2, a reasonable institutional optimization, vision, simple and flexible operation.

 3, according to the force design clamping arm, solid and reliable, clamping force, the number of folders, long life.

 4, versatility, applicable to standard bricks, hollow bricks, eight bricks, road bricks, aerated blocks and other brick type.

 5, large travel range.

 6, left and right side of the shift function to ensure that the operational flexibility, coupled with the forward function to achieve a seamless docking of each stack of bricks.

 3, the main technical parameters:

 1, the range of arm: 680-1150 (mm)

 2, clamping width: 950mm

 3, the largest brick size: 1000 * 950 * 1000 (L * W * H)

 4, carrying capacity: 2000KG

 5, the number of single bricks: bricks 500-800 blocks, 40 hollow bricks

 6, hold brick number: standard brick 10 layer, 5 layers of hollow brick

 7, the lateral distance: 100mm

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