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QS-1200 automatic brick palletizing system

QS-1200 automatic brick palletizing system

QS-1200 automatic brick palletizing system


 1, Equipment Description:

   The palletizing production line is suitable for the dry product palletizing of the simple block production line and belongs to the semi-automatic palletizing production line. It is usually set up in the vicinity of the product maintenance yard in general. It can also be connected in series for the cured products. Block production line, the implementation of online stacking.

    The automatic palletizing system can be different types of brick production of different specifications of the brick block separation, the final row arranged in 1000-1200 (mm) square stack for the code (the standard solid bricks a stack height of up to 12 Layer) by the brick can be selected for winding film packaging. With the forklift clip can hold directly to the pallet without palletizing, stacking height can be put 3 stack. The entire system uses PLC + touch screen control, just a person operation. Day code brick about 3800 board / class. Can greatly save labor costs.

2, the main technical parameters:

 1, the whole area: ~ 1500 * 1300 (mm)

 2, the total weight: ~ 1500KG

 3, code brick specifications: 1000-1200 (mm) standard solid brick layer of 125 standard hollow brick a layer of 18

 4, the operating cycle: 20-25 seconds / layer

 5, the total power: 27.7KW

 6, the code put size: 1500 (mm)

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