When traditional red block meets the environmentally friendly cement block machine

Click:104 I suppose everyone is familiar with the red block, almost all the houses are built by red blocks before. The so-called red block is actually clay block whose raw material is clay. It is through the process of high temperature firing. While the cement block machine is the result of the technology development and national construction requirement on the environment. The cement block machine take fly ash, coal cinder, carpathian stone coal, tailing residue, chemical residue, natural sand or sea mud etc as the main materials, and use cement as the gelling agent, this kind of block doesn’t need the process high temperature firing. And due to the high strength, good durability, standard size, shape integrity and uniform color, it can be used in dry wall as well as outside decoration. So we can conclude that cement block will be more popular and will take the place of the traditional clay block.

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