The Process of Clay Brick Making

Click:112 Vacuum extruder apply for hoffman kiln and tunnel kiln. It can make two kinds of block, one is clay standard blocks, the other is porous blocks.The wet blocks made from the vaxuum extruderthrough efficient block setting machine directly conveying into the kiln car, after car ferryconveyinginto the tunnel kiln drying room, then sent to the sintering chamber block, high temperature firing zone waste block, block after another from time to time to scrap out of the car with traction, red braved the flames can be a block, the block kiln car ferry to waste burning outdoors, into the open-air track on the line, this can greatly reduce the labor force saving cost.You need 12 to easily runthe equipment.The characteristicsof clay block machine are: a block speed, moisture content is 28-35%, it is necessary to use bamboo pallets or wood pallets the adobe good care, until cool dried block, block by block and then loaded by hand into the kiln car, kiln cars in drag fired block room, and then put a block by block-by-block to the block kiln firing, firing until the waste into blocks, manual loading into the kiln car, drag unloading placedwaste blockstacked in piles.

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