Clay Brick Field Testing

Click:106 Specific defects are illustrated in the tables. However, there are some simple tests which can be done in the field. Firstly, when you handle a block, see if it's soft. Can you pick off the edges? Can you scratch the surface with your fingernail? If so, the block is probably underfired - one of the most common problems. Now, break a block in half. Was it easy? Is there a 'core' of different color material? If the block breaks easily or has a core like this, then it's underfired. What about the cross section? Are there lumps or stones, internal cracks or holes? If so, the soil probably wasn't mixed well enough.You can tell a lot about blocks by soaking them in cold water for 48 hours. If you weigh blocks before and after soaking, you can calculate the percentage of water they absorb. A good block shouldn't absorb more than 15% of its dry mass. If blocks are too absorbent they suck moisture out of mortar and weaken the bond. You may find the block dissolves altogether. In this case, it's definitely underfired - and dangerous to use in any building. The presence of lime may also be detected by soaking blocks. If lime is present as lumps, it may expand and cause fractures, exposing powdery white deposits.Wenxian Temin Industrial co,. LTD, as a Chinese block making machine manufacturer, has sold its block machine to the markets in India, Bangladesh and South Africa etc. and Teminblock making equipments are deeply trusted by customers both at home and abroad.

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