JZK Combined type double stage vacuum extruder

Click:107 This machine usually adopts raw materials like low plasticity shale,coal gangue, high content fly ash and poor clay for producing Hollow blocks. Both of the machines stages are separately equipped with a motor. The raw materials will be sent to the second stage of machine after being mixed in the first stage after which the green blocks come out. This machine is designed as upper and lower structure, and supposed to be put together according to the terrain as “1”shape or “T”shape. This machine is made of steel, and equipped with international 1000 retarder and 650 retarder. The main part is forged with manganese alloy, which effectively prolong the machine’s life and reduce it’s maintenance cost. Wear-resisting materials and spray welding process make the rimer strong and tough.The whole machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, sturdy and durable, strong adaptability, low energy consumption, high efficiency, convenient maintenance etc.Main technical parameters Items Unit JZK45/45 JZK50/50 JZK60/60 Capacity pcs/h 10000-12000 12000-15000 15000-20000 Chinese standard block(240*115*53mm) Molding moisture % 17-22 17-22 15-22 Rimer diameter mm 450 500 600 Principal axis speed r/min 28-45 28-38 20-25 Power kw Upper:Y4-55kw Upper:Y4-55kw Upper:Y6-75kw Lower:Y4-110kw Lower:Y4-132kw Lower:Y6-215kw

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