Brick machine market need national policy guidance

TonyClick:100 Affected by the global economic downturn, block machine equipment industry's overall environment is not very good.Takevacuum block machinefor example, thestatisticsshows thatblock equipment in May this year of 3-120 major manufacturers selling machine 15300 units, fallingby 30.52%, reaching 21.35%year-on-year decline, it all shows that the market is very weak. Look at 2008 and 2012, thedomestic vacuum block machine market growth rate is respectivelyas high as 30.4% and 34.6%. In 2008, all the rural block factorieshave55 vacuum block machine equipmentselling in average, and the great changesinnumber have taken place since 2009.In 2010, the medium rural block factory owns 75, that number is relatively quite highcomparing with before. By the end of 2010, the record of national vacuum block machine in sales volume has reached as highas 1.1 million units, equivalent to each block factory has two sets of equipment. In the second half year of 2011 the market presentsa saturated state. According to the analysis of the personage inside the industry in 2011, domestic market further slowsdown, only around 4.3% annual growth as expected. Manufacturersof the downturn market need to have certain psychological preparation, because this month still doesnot reach the designated positiondue toeach project funds still have not a lot of new constructionproject to start as expected.On the other hand, the downstream demandscontinuallyreduce, causingthe block machine sales fall again this month. Market participants believe that with the increase of government efforts at"steady growth", the future investment growth will be recovered. Itstatesclearly that in recent years key projectsin "the twelfth five-year plan”have beon schedule, start a group is a global will guide of whole construction machinery, key projects, has identified the room construction, energy conservation, environmental protection, economic use in rural and western areas such as infrastructure, education and health in the field of project construction, and promote the tile materials market sales growth to accelerate the pace of the vacuum block machine manufacturing industry. Such an environment, not only need good policies, good environment, one must do it through continuous technical improvement push forward and rapid development of the block machine equipment industry.

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