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QS automatic winding package machine

QS automatic winding package machine

QS automatic winding package machine


QS automatic cantilever winding packer

 1, Equipment Description:

    QS fully automatic cantilever winding film packaging Machine to increase the function of the film from the integration of integrated packaging equipment, to complete the winding packaging and cover the top cover two functions, can form a closed five-sided moisture, rain, dust Packaging. Fully automated unmanned operation, high efficiency, low cost packaging, widely used in food and beverage, chemical fiber chemicals, metallurgy and building materials industries, is to improve the degree of automation of excellent equipment.

 2, the main technical parameters:

 1, Packing size: (500-1200) mm * (500 * 1200) * 2200mm (L * W * H)

 2, the cantilever speed: 0-20RPM adjustable

 3, packaging efficiency: ≥ 25 care / H

 4, Membrane system: electric pre-stretch film. Stretching ratio of up to 250%, adjustable speed frequency.

 5, automatic on the membrane device: automatic clamping, cut off the film, without any tail, completely unmanned automatically.

 6, the top film: PE / pvc film, width 1800mm, diameter 100-300mm, thickness 30-100mm.

 7, stretch film: LLDPE stretch film, width 500mm, thickness 20-35mm

 8, lifting parts: chain guide lifting mechanism, adjustable speed adjustable frequency.

 9, the delivery system: transmission line height: 400mm, speed: 8-15mm, bearing: 2000KG

 10, the control system: PLC control, adjustable parameters, film length adjustable, automatic sensing of goods size.

 11, the motor power: cantilever 1.1KW; film rack 0.37KW; lifting components 0.37KW; top film 0.37KW

 12, power supply: 4KVA / AC380V / 50HZ, 3PH / N / PE

 13, Air source: 0.4-0.6MPA, 350NL / min

 14, equipment size: 4500 * 2200 * 3500mm (L * W * H) (according to the actual)

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