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automatic pallets feeding machine

automatic pallets feeding machine

pallets feeder,automatic pallets feeding machine


Product description:

    hengxing automatic pallets feeding machine is adjustable pallet frame structure, all models are suitable for brick machine pallet. Achieve automatic plate not only saves labor, but also improve the efficiency and greatly reduce the cost of production.pallets feeder


1. Hengxing automatic pallets feeding Machine adopts adjustable pallet frame structure, all models are suitable for brick machine pallet.

2. Full hydraulic system, sent to board more convenient, more simple and more flexible.

3. Imported PLC computer program control: the forced board, manual feed plate. Brick, sent to board aircraft synchronized, continuous work. Truly production, sent to board, lift-automatic synchronization. Fully automated, intelligent, humane, safe and efficient.

automatic pallets feeding machine

Working Principle:

   First, the machine will work 30-50 pcs pallet placed on the bottom of the upper plate machine conveyor belt. Enable automatic key, the trigger will be automatically entered brick pallets, brick pallets later raised to the height required, automatic pallet finishing neatly pressed, and then pushing people inside the pallet warehouse. Can run simultaneously on a stand and put a stack of pallet conveyor. Front pike pallets exhausted after a stack of pallets automatically entered. Speed, speed can be adjusted automatically, to keep the number of pallets in the warehouse. Do produce sustained and stable. Truly reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, save labor, reduce production costs.

Specific Parameters:

Load: 1200kg

Power: 1.5kw

Weight: 1000kg

A push plate a reducer, worm

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