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 XH3-25 Block Making Machine

XH3-25 Block Making Machine

xionghui machinery XH3-25 Block Making Machine


     XH3-25 building block forming Machine is a new type designed according to actual condition of China and advices of customers witH High productivity, durability, high efhciency, applicable for manufacturing of various high-intensity environmental-friendly brick, linkage building block. sod brick for parking lot, hoHow block and so forth. It can produce concrete products with high compression resistance, standard size and hne outline.

     XH3-25 building block forming machine can automatically operate with hydraulic transmission, double-layer (base metal and color plus material), vibration compression, heig ht and packing control. High excitation force, easy operation and maintenance, reliable performance. Skip equipped with multi dashers which start operation while it is above die grid so that it can resolve problem of material distribution perforated bricks production.

xionghui brick machine

Technical Data:

DimensionRating pressuresVibrationVibration frequencyPallet sizeCycle timePowerWeight
8000×6000×2500mm10MpaTable Vibration2800-4500r/min680×530mm20-23sec18kw3500kg

Production Capacity:

ItemsSize(L×W×H)Pcs./mouldPcs./hourPcs./hourOne year(300days)Production
Hollow Blocks390×190×190343234561036800
Perforated Blocks240×115×90101440115203456000
Solid Blocks240×115×50202880230406912000
Color Blocks200×100×60121728138244147200

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