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 XH10-15 Block Making Machine

XH10-15 Block Making Machine

xionghui machinery XH10-15 Block Making Machine


     Technical Data:

DimensionRating pressuresVibrationVibration frequencyPallet sizeCycle timePowerWeight
12800×3000×2800mm21MpaTable Vibration2800-4500r/min1080×850mm15-25sec34.5kw13800kg

Production Capacity:

ItemsSize(L×W×H)Pcs./mouldPcs./hourPcs./hourOne year(300days)Production
Hollow Blocks390×190×190102400192005760000
Perforated Blocks240×115×902457604608013824000
Solid Blocks240×115×5052124809984029952000
Color Blocks200×100×602867205376016128000

Frame of forming Machine: Adopt high-strength steel and special wiedling procedure, utmost firm.
Guide post: Adopt supper strength special steel, surface chrome plating with bending resistance and durability
Press head: Synchronous mechanism, electric and hydraulic drive, few or none difference of products, good consistency of the products.
Distributor: Adopt sensor and hydraulic proportion drive technology, forced centrifugal distributed by action of oscillating type charge can and arch breaking mechanism, multi-source vibrating system can generate vertical Synchronous vibration, adjustable frequency and breadth, Create low frequency distribution and high frequency forming, applicable for various material, vibrating speed 5g or more.
Pinion and rack type synchronization mechanism: Guarantee same height.
Control system: computer control, human-machine interface, electric application adopts Japanese Mitsubishi brand, control program convinced by 15 years production experience, in combination of international development trend, accommodate with actual condition of chinese market. operator can easily operate machine with simple tranning. Powerful memory can be upgraded.
Storage splitting device: Mater feed under computer control, avoid internal pressure by outsider impact, even feed guaranteed, few or none difference of products' strength.

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