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QGM QT10 brick making machine

QGM QT10 brick making machine

QT10 brick making machine


Tech Spec

Production per Mould 10 pcs/mould (Standard Block: 390x190x190mm)
54 pcs/mould (Solid Block: 240x115x53mm)
27 pcs/mould (Interlock: 240x115x90mm)
35 pcs/mould (Holland Brick: 200x100x60-80mm)
Production per Shift (8 Working Hours) Hollow Block (390x190x190mm): 14400-19200pcs
Solid Block (240x115x53mm): 77760-103680pcs
Interlock (240x115x90mm):34560~518840pcs
Holland Brick (200x100x60-80mm): 40320-50000pcs
Cycle Time 15~20s
installed power 52Hz
Vibrating Force 100KN
Pallet Size 1250x850x(8-35)mm 
Motors Power 50KW
Machine Dimensions 8100x4450x3000 mm      9600x4450x3000 mm
Gross Weight 15T

Note: All the production parameters are subject to change, without prior notice.

Auxiliary Equipment

block making machine

automatic block making machine

    1 3-Bin Batcher2 Mixer for Main Material3 Water and Cement Weighing System (Main
    4 Screw Conveyor for Main Material5 Silo for Main Material6 Belt Conveyor for Main Material
    7 Automatic Block Making Machine8 Control Room9 Piler
    10 Belt Conveyor for Face Material11 Water and Cement Weighing System (Face Material)12 Mixer for Face Material
    13 1-Bin Batcher14 Screw Conveyor for Face Material15 Silo for Face Material

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