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QMY4-30 Mobile Brick Making Machine

QMY4-30 Mobile Brick Making Machine

QMY4-30 Mobile Brick Making Machine


Characters of QMY4-30 Mobile Brick Making Machine:

1.Advanced technology,high quality: The whole Machine adopts supreme quality steel, precise welding,imported hydraulic components.
2.The hydraulic system and the machinery system of this equipment supplement each other and the operating of it is very simple;
3.No need pallets, low investment high profits;
4.Raw material wide application:stone,lime,sand,coal gangues, fly ash,construction waste,tailings as raw materials, suitable for different conditions raw materials;
5.The major vibration form is mould vibration, which can make super vibration influence with small power.With the pressure of hydraulic system, it makes the raw material adding adequately and compacting adequately;
6.It can produce various kind of concrete production by easily changing the mould.

QMY4-30 Mobile Brick Making Machine

Technical Parameters For Reference:

Qty of pcs per mould400*200*200mm
Molding cycle30(Second)
Production capacity3000-6000pcs/shift
Vibration frequency4500r/min
Overall power5.95kw
Overall dimension1300*1500*1000mm
Molding formVibration and Pressure
Main vibration formMould Vibration

Capacity of QMY4-30 Mobile Brick Making Machine:

Capacity of  QMY4-30  Mobile Brick Making Machine
Block sizecapacity/mouldcyclecapacity/8 hours
400x200x200mm4pcs/mould25~30s3840 pcs/day
400x150x200mm5pcs/mould25~30s4800 pcs/day
400x100x200mm7pcs/mould25~30s6720 pcs/day

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