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QMY12-15 Concrete Block Production Line

QMY12-15 Concrete Block Production Line

QMY12-15 Concrete Block Production Line


QMY12-15 Concrete Block Production Line:

Resonable designed achieve box vibration, hydraulic stripping,omnidirectional automatically movement. High quality of steel and precision welding made the Machine a longer service life and hydraulic system made less fault during work. QMY12-15 has large productivity than the other small brick machine, the block density becomes higher, shaping speed quicker and block strength more.

Technical Parameters of QMY12-15 Concrete Block Production Line:

Overall dimension3250*2100*2300mm
Demold methodHydraulic
Turning methodHydraulic
Hydraulic pressure16-20Mpa
Excitation frequency3200Hz
Total power16KW
Total mass4500KG
Molding cycle10~15S
Molding10 Pcs/mould(400*200*200)
Moving methodAutomatically move and hydraulic steering
Excitation wayThree-dimensional box excitation

Capacity of QMY12-15 Concrete Block Production Line:

Capacity of  QMY12-15  Concrete Block Production Line
Block sizecapacity/mouldcyclecapacity/8 hours
400x200x200mm12pcs/mould15~20s23040 pcs/day
400x150x200mm14pcs/mould15~20s26800 pcs/day
400x100x200mm22pcs/mould15~20s42240 pcs/day

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