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Pallet stretch wrapping machine

Pallet stretch wrapping machine

Product Feature: Man-machine interface control:parameter setting can be completed in the human-machine interface, easy operation, safety performance improvement.


Technical parameters




Turntable diameter


Max. Packing size

L1400mm, W1400mm, H2100mm

Control system

PLC microcomputer control

Turntable start

Frequency conversion slow startup control

Turntable rotation speed (adjustable)


Turntable diameter


Tension adjust



3 phase, 380V, 50/60Hz

Power supply

LLDPE stretch wrapping film

Machine dimension (L*W*H)


Machine net weight



Product Feature:

   Man-machine interface control:parameter setting can be completed in the human-machine interface, easy operation, safety performance improvement. PLC programmable control, push button operation panel, simple and clear. Run automatically, automatic machine setting function. Frequency converter, slow (soft) star, arbitrary adjustable rotary speed, stable and safety items on the tray;

   Photoelectric detection function: photoelectric switch can automatically tracks the height of the packaging;

   Tension adjustment function: You can adjust wrap film tension size according to the characteristics and its requirements, in order to achieve the most perfect appropriate packaging requirements;

   Part strengthening function: if the top or bottom of the goods tray need to strengthen winding layers which can realize the function;

   Automatic protection function: If there is any failure which can’t be foreseen in operation, Our Preset protection device can act as a final safety protection;

   Multi-function packing: PLC programmable control, integrating a variety of packaging mode, we can choose standard packing mode, single packing mode or strengthen packing mode, etc., according to the requirements of packing materials. The top and bottom layer number of twisting, twisting times, number of reinforcement layer can be set directly on the man-machine interface from 0 to 9;

   Automatic reset function: this machine can rotary automatic recovery as the initial state according to user needs. The it is convenient for the forklift truck, forklift truck without mobile many times;

   Automatic manual switch function: automatic manual switch function, ensure the equipment running continuously, then save space, time and your money.


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