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Multifunctional Block Machine

Multifunctional Block Machine

Hongyi Multifunctional Block Machine


Descriptions of Interlocking brick machine, block machine
1. A kind of Block Machine specializing in producing a wide selection of interlocking water conservancy blocks, revetment blocks or bricks, water conservancy turf blocks, etc.
2. A combination of interlocking water conservancy block, revetment blocks production and greening, soil conservation.
Applications of Interlocking Brick Machine, Block machine
1. This kind of block making machine is mainly used for revetting embankments of river, channel, and lake, etc.
2. Used as a liner or side slope for drainage trenches, spillways. 
3. Used as revetment against strong waves and soil erosion in the seashore and reservoir.
4. Suitable to protect low-lying land and outlet from being eroded by water.
5. When arranged around the bridge piers, blocks are able to protect them from being undermined.

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