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KDQ1300A Hydraulic Press Brick Machine

KDQ1300A Hydraulic Press Brick Machine

Sand Lime Brick production Line,KDQ1300A Hydraulic Press,


1.Max. pressing force

13,000   KN

2.Working beam max. stroke

680 mm

3.Distance between lower   plane & working table for working beam

Max. 2,040 mm

Min. 1,360 mm

4.De-mould cylinder max.   stroke

600 mm

5.Max. de-mould force

2,000   KN

6.Clearance distance between   both columns

1,600 mm

7.Brick-feeding effective   area in the middle frame

1100×860 mm

8.Front & back width of   base table

1200 mm

9.Front & back width of   working beam plane

940 mm

10.Max. feeding depth

320 mm

11.Max. working frequency   (sand-lime brick)

4.3 times/min

12.Main motor power

110 kW

13.Total weight

62 tons


1.Three-rows feeding type, 48pcs sand-lime bricks per time, annual production up to 70,000,000-80,000,000 pcs. 

2.Main Machine adopts optimized split beam & new type de-moulding structure, higher reliability, anti-fatigue.  

3.Main cylinder uses large-through underneath prefill valve, hydraulic system uses a large flow constant power pump & large capacity accumulator oil supply system, to ensure the high speed, high production efficiency. The master cylinder adopts proportional pressure control technology, can realize flexible compression, better for brick-pressing. 

4.Moving beam up & down , a middle frame movement & charging car front and back movement all use advanced proportion servo control technical, to ensure smooth movement, accurate positioning. For example, charging car closed-loop control ensure the positioning accurancy less than 2mm.  

5.skip before and after motion moves are used advanced proportional servo control technology, to ensure that the control action of the soft and smooth, location is exact and reliable. For example, vehicle closed-loop control can ensure the precision of front and rear position error is less than 2mm, greatly reducing the probability of brick inserted stacking machine. 

6.Weight system along with charging car uses new hammer type, middle frame move more freely, column positioning more reliable and accurate. 

7.Stacker assembly uses servo motor control, quick & stable, accurate positioning, high accuracy for brick-stacking 

8.Important purchased part, such as main cylinder, sealing of de-moulding cylinder; proportional valve & electrical control components all uses foreign famous brand, to ensure stability & reliability. 

9.Complete function for spare parts or other choose equipments, satisfy different requests for different clients. For example, choose small de-mould valve group to increase de-moulding force, it used for pressing 15pcs large blind brick; stacking machine can choose ordinary stacker or stacker with rotation function or robot stacker etc.

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