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JKY red brick making machine

JKY red brick making machine

JKY red brick making machine



TypeCapacityAuger diameterExtruding pressurePowerMolding moisture content
JKY75/60-4.023000-28000  pcs/h600 mm4 Mpa90/285 KW14~16%
JKY60/60-4.018000-20000  pcs/h600 mm4 Mpa75/200 KW14~16%
JKY55/55-4.016000-18000  pcs/h550 mm4 Mpa75/160 KW14~16%
JKY50/50-4.013000-16000 pcs/h500 mm4.0 Mpa55/132 KW14~16%
JKY45/45-4.011000-13000 pcs/h450 mm4.0 Mpa45/110 KW14~16%

JKY series red brick making machine are our advanced twin-stage vacuum extruders which draw advanced experience from the developed. and domestic technology . It is suitable for big factory and those who have high demand on brick quality.

They are mainly made of high quality steel with features of reasonable structure, sturdy and durability. The Machine’s axles, gear and other important spare parts which are made by carbon steel and alloy steel through modulation or quenches heat treatment procession so as to extend the service life.
The dialing mud plate’s transfer and material level control are fixed with protecting device which improves the plant efficiency of breakdown maintenance. And it also makes sure that it can’t easily damage the main spare parts during usage. They are applicable for the production of high-rate hollow bricks with the materials of clay, coal gangue, shale, high-volume fly-ash, urban construction

Advantages of  JKY red Brick Making Machine:

1.Strong applicability,high efficiency;
2.High productivity;
3.Labor saving;
4.Suitable for various materials.
If you have the following requirements, we suggest you choose our JKY series red brick machine:

1. Want to open middle and big size brick factories. No much limitation on electricity power and budget;

2. In buyers’ brick market, have very high requirements on brick quality;

3. Want to produce all kinds of solid and hollow bricks (specially big hole or thin wall bricks);

4.High capacity and demand for hollow brick quality.

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