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HQTY9-15 concrete brick machine

HQTY9-15 concrete brick machine

concrete brick machine



automatic block machine HQTY9-15

This automatic Brick Making Machine /block machine/Block production linecan produce different size of hollow blocks,Solid bricks,Porous blocks and some road pavers.

with Advance vibrating technology,Automatic Feeding and forming System

Using crutched arms which avoid the green block damage when mould frame lifting .

Advanced vibrating technology,Feeding and forming by different vibrating mode assure high quality of feeding and forming.

This Machine is suitable for customers with big or medium amount of investment.

Equipments as follows:

(1)Belt conveyor    (2)block making machine       (3)pallets feeder    (4)Green block conveyor  

(5)PLC control unit     (6)Hydraulic unit          (7)One set if mold     (8)Stacker

Workers needed: 6- 8 persons

Main technology parameters

Dimension of the host machine3500*2750*3100mmSpecifications of the electrical machinery42KW
Moulding area0.6M²Vibration force80KN
Moulding period15-20sFactory  area800(m*m)
The size of the splint1350*720*25/30mmCapacity80KVA
Weight of the host machine13.5TMixer modelJS750


ItemSpecification(mm)(L*W*H)Quantity per hour
Concrete block390*190*1901458-1620
Solid block240*115*538100-9000
Porous block240*115*904050-4500

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