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HQTY5-15 cement block machine

HQTY5-15 cement block machine

hengxing machinery block making machine



The shaping Machine of building block of Model HQT5-15 concreteadopts optimization design,rational structure,the forcing type,fast type type that vibration pressurizes,It is one set that collects efficiency,economy,suitable and according with the national conditions in an oganic whole building block shape machine.

Technical parameter


Dimension of the host machine2600*1200*2590mmSpecifications of the electrical machinery38KW
Moulding area400*600mmVibration force50KN
Moulding period15-22sFactory  area600(m*m)
The size of the splint1100*560*25mmHost machine Weight  

Production Capacity

ItemSpecification(L*W*H)Quantity per hour
Concrete block390*190*190(mm)800-900
Solid block240*115*53(mm)5000-5760
Porous block240*115*90(mm)


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