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Fully Automatic Block Machine with Curing Rack

Fully Automatic Block Machine with Curing Rack

Qunfeng Automatic Concrete brick machine


Fully Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

Recommended model: QFT5-15 QFT8-15 QFT10-15

1、Cement Silo2、Concrete Batching Machine3、Pigment Batching Machine
4、Screw Conveyor5、Cement Scale6、Concrete Mixer
7、Pigment Mixer8、Belt Conveyor For Raw Material9、Belt Conveyor For Pigment
10、block making machine11、Computer Control System12、Block Brush
13、Elevator14、Finger Cart15、Auto.Color Feeding System
16、Lowerator17、Cured Block Conveyor18、Tray Bin
19、Cuber20、Pallets Turnover21、Horizontal Pallets Conveyor
22、Horizontal Packing Machine23、Film Wrapping Machine24、Chain Type Conveyor
25、Automatic Block Loader26、Elevator27、Lowerator
28、Automatic Block Unloader

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