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 Egg Laying Concrete Brick Machine

Egg Laying Concrete Brick Machine

Egg Laying Concrete Brick Machine


QMJ2-45 Egg Laying Block Machine:

QMJ2-45 Egg Laying block machine is one kind of small sized block forming Machine which is very excellent in saving energy and labor force. No need of concrete floor .It is easy in operating and durable in use. It can be installed to use just with 100—300 square meters areas. Also,it can produce many kinds of bricks without pallet. With its simple structure, easy operation, light weight,small volume , high quality,it’s an ideal choice for small sized block factory especially.Just only need 1 or 2 workers to operate this machine. Also you can bring this machine to anywhere you want, so it is very convenient for you. Less investment and quicker harvest.

QMJ2-45 Concrete Egg Laying Machine

QMJ2-45 Concrete Egg Laying Machine Technical Parameters:

Voltage380V or adapt to your local voltage
Moulding period40-45s
The size of the palletno need pallet
Host Machine Power1.5KW
Coloryellow or ccustomized

Capacity of QMJ2-45 Egg Laying  Machine:

Capacity of  QMJ2-45  Egg Laying Machine
Block sizecapacity/mouldcyclecapacity/8 hours
400x200x200mm2pcs/mould30~45s1000 pcs/day
400x150x200mm2.5pcs/mould30~45s1800 pcs/day
400x100x200mm3pcs/mould30~45s2000 pcs/day

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