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DK12-15 Block Making Machine

DK12-15 Block Making Machine

DK12-15 Block Making Machine


DK12-15 Block Making Machine

1. Technical Data

Pallet Size1320*900mm
Control SystemPLC auto computer control
Circle time15-20s
Installed capacity (KW) 36kw

2.Production Capacity

Specification of productionQty of blocks per palletPcs/hrPcs/8hrsPcs/300days 
(two shift)
Hollow block       390*190*190mm122,88023,04013,824,000
Multicellular bricks   240*100*60mm307,20057,60034,560,000
Paving bricks       200*100*60mm4410,56084,48050,688,000
Standard bricks     240*115*53mm6515,600124,80074,880,000

1. Brief introduction
Brick Making Machine  is the core Machine used for producing blocks/bricks. The technology is introduced from German Hess. This machine is automatic and multi-functional. It can produce large varieties and various sizes of products, including concrete blocks, bricks, hollow block, insulated block, solid bricks, paving slabs, interlocking pavers, paving stone, retaining stone, curb stone etc..

2. Characteristics
Our machine,with harmonic cooperation between electric and hydraulic machines functions, guarantee a reliable and high output production of concrete blocks.
1) Central control system: adopts intelligent interface software, which can promptly and exactly display the real-time production data with diversified setting choice and excellent adaptive capacity.
2)Main electronic component: Core components of our production line adopt international top brand products, like German Siemens motors & transducer / Japan Panasonic PLC / Omron button & travel switch, contactless
inductive switch reduce the wastage of components to prolong their using service life.
3)Operation mode: It has different operation modes such as”Full Automatic”, ”Semi Automatic” and “Manual” which ensure the continuous manufacturing process.
4)Database system: intelligent service, with functions of “record, reset, save the file, transfer data, warn, process and print report etc.”
5)Self-diagnose function: It can automatically diagnose faults and send warn signals to ensure safety in production.
6)Weighting system: High precision, full automatic.

3. Service advantage
Before sale: brick making technology consultation, industry trends feedback and factory construction planning.
During Sale: Field layout design, staff training and production management guiding.
After-sale: Free installation, quick-wear part supplying and regularly test.

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