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PL1200 Concrete Burden Machine

PL1200 Concrete Burden Machine

PL1200 Concrete Burden Machine


PL Series Batching Machine is Automatic batching equipment which suitable for different construcion spotsThe features of the machine is easy operation High automatic level.

ModelPL 800PL 1200              
Cubage of weighing hopper0.8m³1.2m³
Cubage of reserve hopper   2×4m³3×4m³
Batching precision  ±2%±2%
Max. Metage   1500kg2000kg
Batching category23
Loading height  2750mm2750mm
Measurement     ElectronicElectronic
Power     6.6kW11.7kW
Weight  2300kg4000kg
Dimension(L×W×H)   5656×2245×3079 mm8486×2245×3079mm

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