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Combined type double stage vacuum extruder

Combined type double stage vacuum extruder

Clay brick extruder,Clay brick machine,


clay brick machine:

clay bricks machine

The Machine applies to clay, shale, coal gangue, fly ash, slag, mountain mud, silt, etc. as raw materials to carry out a strong mixing, vacuum processing, and then the screw auger extrusion system to produce provisions cross-section of ordinary solid bricks, hollow bricks, and other products. 
Box-type Feeder:

clay brick machine:Box-type Feeder

In the brick making production line, the box-type feeder is mainly used for equalizing and fixing the quantity of the raw materials. It can control the feeding quantity of raw materials and proportionally mix the materials by adjusting the transport speed of belt and lifting the height of flashboard.  
Roller Crusher: 

                                                       clay brick machine;Roller Crusher
his grinding roller can be widely used in cement, metallurgy, chemical, electric power and coal industries for processing the brittle and tenacious materials. In brick making production line, this machine is mainly used for secondary crushing, which can make the particle size of clay, coal ash or shale, etc less more than 3 mm.
Twin-shaft Mixer:

                                             clay brick machine;Twin-shaft Mixer
This dual-shaft mixer is mainly used for various powdery materials, such as clay, shale, cola gangue and fly ash, etc, which can well stir materials. It is the important equipment in brick making production.
Belt Conveyor:

                                               clay brick machine,Belt Conveyor

Full-auto Brick Cutting Machine:

                                       clay brick machine,Full-auto Brick Cutting Machine

This machine is mainly used to cut mud which is squeezed into blocks by vacuum extruder during production.
Full-auto Setting Machine:

                                               clay brick machine,Full-auto Setting Machine

The full-automatic brick setting machine is mainly used in blank-firing tunnel kiln's hydraulic transmission, electrical control.
The full-automatic brick setting machine is formed by walking car, chuck, sub-billet, units, lifting guide rod, rail, hydraulic system and electrical system, etc.; with high efficiency energy-saving, easy maintenance, low cost, stable and reliable characteristics.

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