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Brick Stacking Robot

Brick Stacking Robot

Concrete Block Brick Stacker,Brick Stacking Robot


Brick Stacking Robot companion and heavy servo sliding table technology expand twofold robot’s working capacity, scope and efficiency. One set can instead several sets, reducing the cost.It is suited to all kinds of bricks, especially for the mobile tunnel kiln, 3.6-4.6m and 6.9-9.6m tunnel kiln.

Easy to install, save space.
Adobe setting robot
Robot companion
Sliding table
Model:ZD130S ZD250S
          MD400N MD 500N

Improve the robot load capacity,Take a robot to work at different positions to expand working scope,work at high speed and position accurately.
Positioning adobe Machine
It is usage to arrange adobes.
Control system
Model:Japan Mitsubishi original installation

Usage for central control, it mainly to release program instruction to each parts.

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