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Block Clamp Forklift,Brick Loader

Block Clamp Forklift,Brick Loader

Block Clamp Forklift,Brick Loader


Quanzhou hengxing Machinery Co., Ltd produced the forklift with arm/Block Clamp, that could effectively clamp many different kinds of cement block, widely used in the AAC brick, hydraulic pressure block, fired brick, baked-free brick, concrete preformed unit etc field without pallet of carrying, stack, loading.

Brick Loader,Block Clamp Forklift

Compared with others, Hengxing forklift with arm/block clamp advantages as followings:

1. Adopts the whole steel frame structure, higher strength, meeting the needs of heavy working.

2. According to the stress to design the clamp arm, reliable, larger clamping force, higher clamping Q’TY, longer service life.

3. Saving the labors and material resource, it could be that on the premise promise to increase the ratio of loading and discharging decrease the breakage rate at the same time.

4. Design flexible, could assembly in any lifting appliance.

5. Optimized frame structure make sure the good vision.

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