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​QT3-15Concrete Block Making Machine

​QT3-15Concrete Block Making Machine

Yixin QT3-15 Concrete Block Making Machine


Technical Parameters of QT3-15 Concrete block making machine

Vibration frequency3800-4500 times/sub
Total weight6200kg
Overall dimension5130×3850×2600mm
Installed capacity20kW
Cycle time15-20s
Rated pressure25Mpa
Exciting force68kN
Plate specification680×540×20mm
Molding wayVibration extrusion forming
Stacker capacity3kW
BlockHollow blockSolid brickPorous brickPavement brick
Molding blocks3pcs/mold20pcs/mold12pcs/mold12pcs/mold6pcs/mold
Molding cycle15~20s20~30s
Per hour production540pcs/1h3600pcs/1h2160pcs/1h2160pcs/1h1080pcs/1h
Class production4320- 5760pcs/ 8h28800- 37400pcs/ 8h17280- 20160pcs/ 8h17280- 20000pcs/ 8h8640- 12600pcs/ 8h
Excitation frequency50~60Hz
Block height50~200mm
Power of main motor20kW
Machine size5130×3850×2600mm
Machine weight6200kg

**Note: The above parameters are for reference only. Modification and upgrades are available. Please contact us directly for more information.

The QT3-15 concrete Block Making Machine is designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized companies for fully automatic block forming machines. If there are no special requirements needed on the production output, this cost-effective concrete block making machine is an ideal choice. This Concrete Block Machine combines several advanced technologies, including intelligent PLC control, hydraulic transmission and vibration forming, making the machine's operation reliable, as well as carrying out a high production efficiency and excellent product quality.

To ensure the concrete block making machine works at its best in your factory or construction site, we will assign professional technical staff to provide on-site installation services. Our engineers can also help train your operators on operating, maintaining and correct use of the block making machine, in order to prolong its service life. If you have any questions or concerns about the fully Automatic Block Making Machine, please contact us directly.

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